Instruction Training with Drive and Succeed Driving School

driveandsucceedphotoOur instructor training program is done on a one to one ratio so you will have individual attention from your trainer. The program will be tailored to fit in with your lifestyle. It is a three part program which consist of home study and practical training.

Part one

Part one is a theory test which consist of 100 multiple choice questions and a hazard perception test You will be provided with all the study material that you need and regular contact with your trainer. You can do training for part two while you are training for part one which makes it more interesting, I will even introduce you to some part three training if this will help. The program will be matched to your needs.

There are a lot of changes going on at the moment with instructor training. The DSA are want instructors to coach rather than teach. Angela is currently doing a diploma in driving education which includes coaching.

Part two

Part two is a advance driving test and you will be given a minimum of ten hours of in car training. This will prepare you for the test.

Part three

Part three is the test of instructor ability which consist of role play where the examiner acts as a learner driver and you have to instruct the examiner as though he or she is the learner. You will be given a minimum of forty hours of in car training for this, which will prepare you for the test. You will also be given a book of lesson plans which you will find helpful when you do the test and you can use them once you are qualified. They will be yours to keep.


The cost of training with drive and succeed is very competitive and there are several payment options available.

Benefits of Learning with Drive and Succeed

You will have the opportunity to work with drive and succeed which will help you to get started in your career as a driving instructor. You will be given lots of support. There will also be other benefits if you stay with drive and succeed. You will of cause have the chance to work on your own if you want.


Legal Requirements

To be an instructor you must be over 21 and have held a full driving licence for four years, and have no more than three penalty points on your licence. You must not have been banned from driving and you must not have a criminal record.