Drive and Succeed welcome the opportunity to teach autistic people to drive

autisticlogoDrive and Succeed are well qualified to provide driving lessons to clients on the autism spectrum.

Angela, Drive and Succeed’s head driving instructor, has done lots of reading on the subject of autism, has first hand experience interacting with people who are autistic and has also attended autistic awareness days hosted by the MAIN project.

Additionally, Angela has taken a special three-day training course with one of the countries top special needs driving instructors Juliea Malkin. Juliea is herself autistic and has helped Angela to develop the correct attitude and skills to successfully teach autistic clients to drive.

Angela: “I think that autistic people are very special and am keen to help autistic people to learn to drive. Autistic clients are unique so I like to build a rapport with them during a preliminary, no obligation appointment. This approach helps the autistic parson to feel more relaxed in my presence and also helps me to discover the specific requirements of the individual person (for example, some autistic people have Dyspraxia which can affect co-ordination).